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October 1, 2001
IMPORTANT!!! We've shut down our U.S. office and are now operating once again out of Mexico. All orders and other mail must  be sent to: X-Rated Records, c/o Mathias Kietzmann, Apdo. Postal 1-2023, Cuernavaca, Mor., 62001, Mexico.
*** Please note that the vast majority of our material is still in the U.S., which means that  we can only offer you a very limited number of items for the time being. Click on E-store for details.***
* X-Rated Art is dead, long live Skullflower! Make sure you check out our new & enhanced Metal Art section with lots of new designs. We have discounts for unsigned bands and FREE covers for zines! Just click on the ad.
* Media Services, which is the company that fucked up our Rossomahaar and Under Moonlight Sadness releases still refuses to return our money. Avoid working with them at all cost. Hate mail may be sent to Upcoming X-Rated releases have been put on hold, but we'll most likely focus on Mexican bands for the foreseeable future.
* Under Moonlight Sadness' new album "Geneticsis" has finally been released. This first release was done by the band members themselves and we therefore have only limited quantities available.
* Former X-Rated recording artists Rossomahaar have been signed by Last Episode Records (Germany) for the release of their new album. The company may also re-release "Imperium Tenebrarum" in the future. Good luck guys.
* We will soon have the misprinted Under Moonlight Sadness and Rossomahaar CDs on sale. The masters were switched (as you may remember), but that will not affect you,  if you buy them both.