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100% Underground METAL


XRR006 - 2000

XRR006                                                    Band Photo


Eventide Of The Orb And Heavens, a masterpiece of melody and darkness in two acts. To purchase your copy just send $10.00 (postage paid worldwide). Please click here for details.

Songtitles and soundfiles (mp3)

Intoskies (Pt. 1)
1.) At God's Hand
2.) Fireflight
3.) Eventide In Fire
4.) Place For Ourselves
5.) Firmament
Overlands (Pt. 2)
6.) Bloodylands
7.) Nightview
8.) While The Name Is Going Away From The Stone

Band Contact

c/o Ilko Gizdov
P.O.Box 2737
1415 Sofia

2000  X-Rated Records, Inc.